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Baptism is a chance for all the family to get together, celebrate and thank God for the new life which he has given. But baptism is also a sacrament, which means an outward and visible sign of God’s love. When Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan he became aware of the special presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit; it was a turning point in His life. After his death and resurrection Jesus commanded his followers to make new disciples and baptise them too. This has been done ever since by Christians throughout the world. It is the sign of a ‘new beginning’; the start of a journey with God and other believers which continues throughout the rest of life.  Baptism Enquiry Form


As Christians we believe that marriage is a gift from God and that in the marriage ceremony a couple make a public declaration of a lifelong and exclusive commitment to love one other.  Wedding Enquiry Form.


It may seem obvious, but a funeral has several functions:

It marks the death of someone we know and love and offers space to give thanks for their life. It is a time to acknowledge our grief and an opportunity to say farewell. It is a chance for friends and members of the community not only to pay their respects but to offer their concern and support to you. And a funeral is also an opportunity to offer that person back to God and to pray that they may be at peace.

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