Markham Museum

St Lawrence has an illustrious history in the character of Sir John Markham, ‘The Upright Judge', who as Chief Justice of the King's Bench challenged the authority of Edward IV, by proclaiming that the King had no power over the judiciary, thereby confirming the role of the monarch as constitutional. He was removed from office and retired to Sedgebrook, living the remainder of his life in a loft above the Chantry chapel. 

The Markham Museum will officially open  on Sunday, August 11th 2019 at 1030 in church. Telling the story of the Upright Judge, John Markham, subject of the Ballad of Sedgebrook and will show his last resting place.

It will exhibit the famous funeral elegy written by the poet John Donne for Lady Bridget Markham and also some of his well-loved prayers. 

It will display the Beale Collection which includes Newbo Abbey finds following an archeological dig in the village.

It will tell the fascinating story of our rare and  beautiful Bryceson pipe organ, the history of the church  clock, the bells and the church plate, silver dating back to 1686 (not  kept on the premises). 

It will give you a fascinating insight into village life in Sedgebrook from 1558 to 1730 through the wills and inventories of selected households, including the Markham family. It will tell you of the listed buildings that remain in the village, as well as giving the names of the plots of land and who owned them in times gone by, or simply give you the background to the community we know and love.

So if you are you interested in HISTORY?  Enjoy POETRY, MUSIC and CULTURE?   Or does ARCHEOLOGY and GEOLOGY appeal to you?  We have a fascinating story to tell about all these things and more.


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