Corona Virus - Support for Long Bennington

Long Bennington Epidemic Response Team


Working together to support Long Bennington

We are a group of local volunteers who have come together during a time where some people are finding it hard to access the help they need. We are working with the local Parish Council, Saxonwell Church, the Medical Centre, School and Pre-School as well as many local businesses to make sure that everyone can access the support they need during this time.

We have created a team of local coordinators responsible for helping people in their area as well as a number of support services. If you would like to join us and help, then please email us directly.

If you need support from our services then you can contact us directly via email or you can contact us by phone on 01400 269049

Your local coordinator is there to help you if you are isolating and cannot gain access to food or essential supplies or prescriptions. If you do not have access to the internet, they can also help you to get access to the different services and support groups that are being set up in the village.  


We have also created a Facebook support page with lots of information and places to access support you can find us by searching @LongBenningtonERT or you can follow us on twitter @ErtLong

Please remember though that we are your local neighbours and not a professional body so if you do need medical help please contact the Medical Centre by phone on 01400 281220 or call 111. If it is an emergency, please call 999. Please be mindful of giving money or your financial details to anyone. Our coordinators are all volunteers and will not ask for money unless we are delivering you goods, nor will they seek access to your home. If you have any concerns about this service, please contact us immediately 01400 269049.

Please be reassured if you provide us with your telephone number or email address it will only be used for the purpose it was intended and it will be stored safely and deleted once we get past the need for self-isolation and support.


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